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Last minute decision? Wish to go skiing and  still haven’t booked anything? well first go and check flights to Pisa or Florence, there are a variety of low cost companies connecting from all over Europe, and airlines connecting from anywhere to Tuscany.

Then, enjoy the fantastic ski resorts of Abetone and Montagna Pistoiese,  a variety of ski runs matching with the different needs and tastes of people going to ski: young people willing to experience snow board as well as ski, families with kids needing to learn, relaxing time at hotels with the chance to taste good Tuscan food…

and art cities as Pistoia and Florence are at less than 1 hour drive!

Let’s start planning your trip, check possible accommodation and offers here, and if you wish tailor made solutions send us an email! aptpistoia@gmail.com

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HAPPY 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waiting for the snow becoming perfect for skiing, people here on holidays or coming for the holiday season in February, have many chances to discover our beautiful land, with its nature, wine&food, culture.

Villages up on the mountains can be discovered in order to know the past of the people living here, a past whose signs and traditions are still alive thanks to Ecomuseo della Montagna Pistoiese, in particular in the Museo della Gente dell’Appennino Pistoiese in Rivoreta (museum dedicate to Pistoia’s Appenine people), close to Abetone, which I suggest to visit.

There are actually people still keeping the old traditions, doing the hard jobs on mountains areas, with a strong contact with nature: in fact Museum’s aim is to connect the past to the present,  and it does it in a very innovating way, stimulating interaction with visitors and their creativity, there is also a Toys Lab. I think this is a good way to keep the past alive, let generations know what was going on, and not loose that, because it still is a great resource.

During winter time this Museum is open on week-ends only, for any information contact:

I.A.T. Abetone  Tel.  +39 0573 60231 

We are almost at the end of Christmas holiday season, but for us there still is a last celebration, that of “BEFANA” the elderly lady flying on her sweep and filling with toys the socks kids prepared….everything between tomorrow night and the January 6th, the official Epifania, where the feast comes from. The origin of the feast is related to Christians traditions, and to the story of the three kings coming from far away taking to Jesus Christ their gifts……guided by a star!

Befana is a great tradition for us, many small events are going on tomorrow and on Jan. 6th. Please get in touch writing at aptpistoia@gmail.com to receive detailed info!

Skiing season has started, and Pistoia mountains are ready to welcome you!

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