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Cycling is one of the best ways to discover our territory, besides being a fantastic way to work out, improve your training, get a nice sun tan!!!

I am first suggesting you a route bases on historical venues, mixed up with interesting natural sites. Soon I will publish new itineraries with gps details and pictures!

MOUNT ABETONE AND THE ROAD OF XIMENESARoute 1: From the “Pyramids” to Mount Maiori
Route 2: Towards the Libro Aperto
Route 3: Bicycle circuit of AbetoneHow to get to Abetone by car:
From Pistoia: Regional Road SR no. 66 and Road SS no.12 “of Abetone and Brennero”.
From Lucca and from Modena : Road SS no. 12 “of Abetone and Brennero”.
 Route 1
From the “Pyramids” to Mount Maiori
A circular 8km route that is easy to follow, half along a rough track and the other half along a forest path. Halfway you can find a fountain and a designated rest area. The route, on the rough track, has a gradient of 2.5% and is suitable even for families with children and people using wheelchairs (with an obligatory escort). There are beautiful panoramas on the “Libro Aperto” and the side of the mountain looking towards Modena.
 Route 2
Towards the Libro Aperto
A more demanding route: a small climb to the peak of Mount Maiori, then downhill to Serrabassa and then another climb to the top of Mount Libro Aperto (1937 m). It is advisable to replenish water supplies at the fountain on the route. Excellent view of the Apennine ridge and Mount Cimone (easily recognizable by the buildings at the top.
 Route 3
Bicycle circuit of Abetone
This circuit is easy on mountain bikes, not very long and offers a variety of landscapes, such as on the circuit of Mount Maiori. There are stretches that are more demanding: towards Mount Libro Aperto, towards La Secchia and Bicchiere, down to Rivoreta and up from Pianosinatico to Abetone. From Boscolungo take path CAI no. 102 which joins up with Sestaione Valley. It is highly advisable to wear a helmet and bring a water bottle.




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