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“………She lighted the fire with tiny wooden branches, then she put “testi”, a kind of thick dish made with local special stone, where necci paste is directly melt.  Necci are a kind of “pancake”, made with chestnut flour and water, you mix it until obtain a smoth paste that you can pour on testi, actually not direclty, first you put some chestnut leaves on the testi, then you pour the necci paste. Chestnut leaves must be picked after the first August storm, then dried hanging at the windows…As soon as the heaten testi touch these leaves, a intriguing smell of wood comes out and carries you back in time…Then you finally pile one layer of testi with chesnut leaves and necci paste, then another same layer of testi, chestnut leaves, paste……smoke comes out while the strong heat cooks necci, which you can taste after few minutes…”








This is the memory of a fantastic day I spent on Pistoia Mountains some years ago.  And this is what you can experience here on the beautiful Autumn months.

Foliage colours are stunning, hills and mountains are performing an extraordinary natural show of the beauty of their trees, their wild nature and tasty flavours.

It is chestnut time:  our tradition is to spend time walking in the woods picking up the chestnuts fallen from the trees, and then go home and maybe light a fireplace, enjoy a good glass of red wine, and finally eat roasted or boiled chestnuts…..

And it is not only a private celebration, it’s something people like to share: not ony inviting friends at home, but also joining the traditional feasts organized all over the area.   

Here you are a basic list, please get in touch if you wish to receive further details:  aptpistoia@gmail. com

Autumn is fantastic!


24 October 2010

Chestnut feast in  Cireglio

Boiled chestnut feast in Momigno

Chestnut feast at La Bicocca mountain retreat at Doganaccia

October 30 and 31 2010

Chestnut festival in Cutigliano: this is a main event representing not only chestnuts and what we can prepare with them, but the whole world of their cultivation

Chestnut feast in Piteglio

the full programme is available here: http://www.pistoia.turismo.toscana.it/en/eventi-del-mese.html

Traditional feast are normally events where the small villages open their centres to stalls selling food and handicrafting, with meals served or just snacks, beside the typical preparation of chestnuts as “ballocce”, “necci”, “castagnaccio”

Want to learn what does it mean? You just need to COME AND ENJOY!!!


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